Avoiding PostBack on a Dropdown Click

A Typical search function has a few textboxes and a SEARCH Button, Since a search functionality is not the fastest moving planet in the galaxy of functionalities, many a times the user would modify the exisiting search criteria and click on the SEARCH button again. To avoid such a situation add a JavaScript to the SEARCH button and check for the following condition before proceeding with the POSTBACK
if(document.readyState != ‘complete’)

The same problem can be faced when using two DROP-DOWN Controls with POSTBACK for every Selection. To avoid a postback for a dropdown when a post back for another dropdown is in progress, The following javascript needs to be added for both the dropdown controls before proceeding with the Postback.

if(document.readyState != ‘complete’)

NOTE: Don’t put
semicolon at the end of if statement as .Net puts its own script for AUTOPOSTBACK.


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