How I fixed my laptops battery problem ?


Over the past week i had the pleasure of watching the not-so-grotesque internals of my Laptop. It was a pleasant sight to watch all the hardware cramped together in a tiny box, I guess if there is a laptop with transparent exteriors, there would be buyers.

The reason for my laptops open heart surgery was a faulty motherboard, I had it changed twice, but now I’m guessing the second change wasn’t necessary. the reason why i asked the Motherboard to be changed for the second time was because my battery wouldn’t charge, for that matter, the only power source my laptop recognized was from the adapter. This, in spite the fact that the Operating System recognized the battery and showed it current capacity.

After some incessant calls made to my TIS group and our DELL supplier, it was a call center executive that fixed this problem. The Prognosis was Simple.

1. Shutdown the laptop.
2. Disconnect the Adapter from the laptop.
3. Remove the Battery from the Battery Slot.
4. Press Down the Power-On Switch for over 20 seconds. ( This helps remove any static charge from the Device).
5. Reconnect the Battery and the Adapter .
6. Switch on the Laptop.

Voila, the Battery has started charging again 🙂


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